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To effectively check for Pinto horses for sale you need to be somewhat well informed, for there are actually four different types: Stock, which is a Paint/Quarter Horse mix; Hunter, which has Thoroughbred breeding; Pleasure, which features Arabian or Morgan influence and Saddle Type which incorporates American Saddlebred, Tennessee Walking or Missouri Foxtrotter. While we typically consider the Pinto an American horse, in actuality there is evidence that they were in Egypt in the 4th Century BC and that they were ridden by Genghis Khan's marauding hordes in his conquests of Asia. Like so many other horses, the Pinto was brought to the Americas by the Spanish, and they became part of the Mustang herds. The Native Americans were especially fond of them as they blended well with the war paint they used, and their coloring provided natural camouflaging. As you check our classified ads for Pintos, make sure you are looking for the "type" that will best meet your needs!

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