Azteca Horses for Sale

When you are looking at horses for sale in our classified ads there are a number of breeds who vie for the title of "oldest," but the Azteca is, without a doubt, the newest breed on the face of the earth. As a breed, the Azteca came into existence in 1972. The end product produced by breeding Andalusian, Quarter Horse and Criollo, the Azteca fulfilled the dream of Don Antonio Ariza Canadilla, who wanted a horse that would remind one of the Spanish mounts brought to the New World and that would be symbolic of Mexico. Docile, alert, inquisitive, highly intelligent, courageous and bold, the Azteca excels both as a show horse and as a mount for the Rejonero, who uses the rejon during a bullfight. If you want to be the proud owner of one of the only 2000 or so Aztecas in existence in the world, don't miss our classified ads!

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