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$5,000 Sorrel Quarter Horse in Cochrane, WI
$6,000 Grey Quarter Horse in Edgewood, TX
$6,500 Brown Thoroughbred in Santa Barbara, CA
$6,500 Brown Thoroughbred in Santa Barbara, CA
$7,000 Bay Thoroughbred in Cypress, TX

2012 Bay TB mare

Cypress, TX

$7,500 Sorrel Quarter Horse in Sweetwater, TN
$7,500 Brown Appendix Quarter Horse in Allentown, NJ
$5,500 Chestnut Appaloosa in Grand Saline, TX

Dancing Straw Maid

Grand Saline, TX

$6,500 Palomino Quarter Horse in northfield, MA
$7,000 Bay Akhal Teke in Brooksville, FL

Rare Akhal-Teke Mare

Brooksville, FL

$6,000 Brown Quarter Horse in Riverside, CA
$6,000 Roan Quarter Horse in Westminster, MD

Bay Roan QH Mare: Moxie

Westminster, MD

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