17 hand, 10 yr old AQHA Mare

Excellent disposition and manner, gentle sweet giant getting a late start under saddle

  • Horse Name: Jaks Bunny
  • Price: $2,800
  • Location: Lexington Park, MD
  • Breed: Quarter Horse
  • Gender: Mare
  • Height: 17.0 Hands
  • Color: Bay
  • Foal Date:
  • Temperament: 3 (1=Bombproof, 10=Hot)


I bought this mare to breed to my stud, but I lost him in a freak accident. I held on to her because she does have a great disposition and excellent ground manners. But now, as a 10 yr old mare she is like the 40 year old dude still living in mom's basement...she needs to move out and get a job. She has about a dozen rides recently on her, all without incident, and she has a lot of try. She is going walk/trot/canter and even doing lead changes, but she is very very green. If you are looking for a willing and very sane project...this is her. Now, for the bad stuff. She is extremely needy, when you walk into the barn...she starts talking to you because you are obviously there to tend to her and her alone. Don't torture her by feeding her last...she will communicate her displeasure with bizarre facial expressions, and sometimes a weird noise. She hates bugs, even rubbed her tail out. She wants the maintenance of a Kardashian, but has the grace of Honey Boo Boo. Oh, and she is VERY demanding of belly rubs, she will side pass across an arena to stay next to you in order to ensure her belly is within your reach. Not around to scratch her belly at turn-out? What you will witness is a weird, 17 hand mare sitting on the ground, gyrating back and forth rubbing her own belly on the ground...this has gone on for well over a minute at a time. Here is the good news, she is very tidy in the stall, not picky about food, excellent ground manners, ties, bathes, great with vet and farrier, and with miles, could be a great lesson horse. She works alone or with others, would be great on trails, not spooky, and even someone that is not a horse person would find her charming. More whoa than go so I can assure you a job like eventing would NOT be her thing. If you are under 18, have a parent contact me.


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