Incredible opportunity to own an upper level, gorgeous, trick trained schoolmaster!

Fairytale, trick trained schoolmaster!

  • Horse Name: Arthur
  • Price: $34,900
  • Location: Greer, SC
  • Breed: Friesian
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Height: 16.0 Hands
  • Color: Black
  • Foal Date:
  • Registrations:
    • Friesian Horse Association of North America
  • Disciplines:
    • Dressage (Trained)
    • Western Riding (Trained)
    • All Around (Trained)
    • Trail Horse (Trained)
  • Temperament: 3 (1=Bombproof, 10=Hot)


We are SO excited to offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to own some extraordinary horses. FMP is proud to present Arthur, Archie and Armando. These horses were part of a group called “The Apassionata” which is a European show that demonstrates the magical encounters between horse and man. Apassionata is an incredible performance which combines an artistic performance of various horse breeds (including the magnificent Friesians) with music, light compositions, set designs and live performances by dancers. The Apassionata showcases not only the beautiful movement, presence and advanced performances of the Friesian breed, it also demonstrates the unbelievable bond that horses can have with their humans. These horses were not only trained for 3rd and even 4th level dressage, but also trick trained to Spanish walk (both under saddle and on the ground), passage and piaffe, and even some to stand on their hind legs and walk on two legs while the trainer is directing them on the ground, and to bow. The horses used in Apassionata had to be smart, teachable, willing and magnificent, and that is what we have found in Arthur, Archie and Armando. They are truly stars of the show and will drop jaws anywhere you go. We met these horses in Holland and were just starstruck. We were also impressed by the fact that they are very suitable for any type of rider. These horses have all the “buttons,” but have the wonderful mind and temperament to take care of inexperienced riders. Furthermore, these horses have VERY unique experience in that they have been hauled to different venues around Europe, had countless costumes on (and even long wings), have been exposed to loud music and crowds, lights- you name it, they have done it. This makes them very safe and a PERFECT partner for whatever you want to do.

Arthur was one of the top stars in the Apassionata. He is 3rd level dressage and also knows the passage and piaffe. He is forward when you want him to be, and quiet when you are not asking. He has a long, beautiful mane and gorgeous build. Smooth gaits and an awesome canter. Arthur has great lateral work and is just a joy to ride. He also knows the Spanish walk, and also knows to stand on his hind legs when you ask him from the ground. AND he knows how to bow… We were so impressed. Arthur is 12 years old and stands at 16 hands.

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