2018 Exquisite Black Friesian Sporthorse Filly

Stunning, Elegant Moving Friesian Sporthorse Filly - Tall & Lovely

  • Horse Name: Marchella BEC
  • Price: $6,500
  • Negotiable:
  • Location: Randolph, MN
  • Breed: Friesian Cross
  • Gender: Mare
  • Height: 16.3 Hands
  • Color: Black
  • Foal Date:
  • Markings: Small White Star, small white spots
  • Weight: 850 lbs
  • Disciplines:
    • All Around (Prospect)
    • Dressage (Prospect)
    • Breeding (Prospect)
    • Eventing (Prospect)
  • Temperament: 3 (1=Bombproof, 10=Hot)


Marchella is an exquisite black Friesian sporthorse filly with a full mane, tail and forelock. Marchella is tall and elegant with a lovely trot and excellent conformation. Marchella should mature tall; siblings have been 16.3-17.1h. Sire Martzen is 17.2+H. This is a wonderful, brave filly with a bold temperament and a sincere curiosity about the world around her. Marchella has a willing and docile temperament. She does well with other horses and is well socialized. Marchella's price includes board up to an additional 60 days, a new negative coggins and interstate vet health certificate. This is a wonderful fiily who will make someone a wonderful partner.


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MM Fantasia Regal Tie Dyed Regal Contender
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Montana Delderago CFS Abra Cadabra
Rambel Yellow Rose
Sire, Dam

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