Stunning Athletic Registered half Arabian Mare

Gorgeous mare ready to go, SOUND AND LOVES THE TRAIL

  • Horse Name: Gold Rush Dancer (Goldie)
  • Price: $3,500
  • Negotiable:
  • Location: Canyon Lake, TX
  • Breed: Arabian, Pinto
  • Gender: Mare
  • Height: 14.3 Hands
  • Color: Sorrel
  • Foal Date:
  • Markings: white face, blue eyes, sorrel paint
  • Weight: 900 lbs
  • Registrations:
    • Arabian Horse Association (1A36351)
  • Disciplines:
    • Endurance Riding (Competed or Shown)
    • Trail Horse (Trained)
    • Horsemanship (Trained)
    • Trail Horse (Trained)
    • Breeding (Prospect)
  • Temperament: 7 (1=Bombproof, 10=Hot)


Gold Rush Dancer, Arabian Horse Association #1A363951,, AERC # H59249. She is a proven endurance and trail horse. Has completed 11 limited distance endurance rides strong and sound w great vet scores.

For your consideration Stunning Registered Half arabian mare, Gold Rush Dancer, Arabian Horse Association # 1A363951, half pinto. 14.3 hands.. She requires a confident experienced rider, and has a lot of go , and a beautiful extended trot. This is not a kids horse! She has been trained in the TX hill country heat and hills and is one tough horse. Climbs hill sides with steep inclines, no problem. She does not get tired, good recoveries. She does NOT have a mare attitude, is fine with others next to her, and will not kick, bite or squeal at others. She Loads in trailer quietly and calmly, travels well, and unloads quiet, too. Ties for hours without setting back, pawing, wiggling or pacing, and great on overnights, camps out in an electric pen. She lounges beautifully on a line and at freedom in round pen. Does NOT bite, kick, rear, pin , nor crib.. Has been desensitized to many obstacles and is submissive in the pasture with other horses. Likes to be close to other horses (affectionate) Is not herd sour or barn sour , will ride out by herself on trail. She is very balanced , and does not stumble. Very sensitive and responsive to leg cues Loves the water, we swim quite often, no problem w water crossings! Stands still for baths, Can ride alone or with a group. Hearty, healthy well formed super hard hooves and legs - no injuries and sound! Nice bone! Eats well, Is easy to catch Leads perfectly! Great ground manners, has Parelli Natural horsemanship training. She doesn't crowd you. Very good for vets at the checks. Picks up feet easily. Good for farrier. Recent floating, and up to date on shots and worming. Eats all her grain and hay, very good drinker, drinks plenty of water. No history of colic. Please contact me for more pictures, and any questions, I am honest about this horse, to good home only! more pictures and videos available. Serious inquiries only please


Serenity Zilla Ragiis
Silver August Moon
Sire, Dam

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