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Why Adopt a Free Horse?

Adopt a Free Horse There are many great reasons to adopt a horse instead of buying a horse online, from saving money to simply giving a good home to a horse in need. At, we make it easy to find the right free horse for you.
As the world’s largest horse marketplace, you’ll find thousands of great horse classified ads every day on – including many free horses available for adoption. Located across the U.S. and Canada, the horses for adoption on range from ponies to Thoroughbreds. No matter what type of free horse you’re looking for, is the best place to find it.

Common Horse Adoption Mistakes

Although getting a free horse may sound like the perfect deal, keep in mind that just because it comes without a price tag doesn’t mean it comes without problems. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common mistakes people make when adopting a horse:
  • Adopting a horse of the wrong level. Many people think a free horse is the perfect way to introduce a first-time rider without investing a lot of money. However, most horses for adoption aren’t suitable for beginners, often because they’ve had little or no training, haven’t been ridden recently or have health problems. First-time horse owners are better off with an experienced, calm horse – even if it costs some money up front.

  • Adopting a horse you can’t afford. Remember, just because the horse is free, owning it certainly is not. If you can’t afford to buy a horse, ask yourself whether you can afford the cost of a horse, including food, board, medical care and supplies.

  • Adopting a horse with health issues. There’s often a reason a horse is free, and many times it’s because it suffered a career-ending injury or health problem. Keep in mind that many free horses are companion animals only, and will not be able to perform hard work. At the same time, horse adoption can be fulfilling even if the animal you choose is no longer a show horse. Plenty of sweet, good-natured and loving horses are available for adoption. However, if you’re looking for a horse that can be ridden frequently and worked hard, it may not be easy to find one for adoption.

    Above all, always remember that it doesn’t matter whether the horse is free if you adopt an animal that’s not right for you. Make sure your horse adoption is a positive experience – for both you and for your new equine companion. .
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