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Create an Eye Appealing Video!

Here are some helpful hints on how to create a video that will catch a lot of potential buyer’s eyes. staff

When taking a video of your horse, try to include as many things as possible. For example, working your horse from the ground, saddling, grooming, loading, mounting and dismounting, round pen work, as well as in-saddle time. Try to record a little of each of the horse's gait. If there is something your horse does that is unique or rare, make sure to capture that in the clip as well.

Besides showing off the horse in its movement and manners, make sure you both your horse and tack are clean. Try to give off the best appearance possible, as it is becoming more common for potential buyers to travel further for their horse purchase, as well as purchasing in their own state. Having a great video is like having the potential buyer visit your horse in person.

Avoid recording your video from a far distance -- you don’t want to show off the scenery or the people in the video more than your horse. Even if you're far away and try to zoom in, the clip may turn out shaky due to the sensitivity of the camera. So don’t be afraid to get in the middle of the action. Make sure the person recording the video is in the arena as much as possible, as we see quite a few videos where the railing and fencing gets in the video just as much as the horse does.

If you tend to be unsteady while filming, use a tripod. Stay out of dark arenas, barns, or night time video clips unless you have some good lighting. If you have questions about creating a video ad, our customer service representative would be happy to help you! You can contact our customer service at Customer Support

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