Belgium Draft Horses for Sale

Seeking draft horses for sale will provide you with a number of choices, and one of the best our classifed ads have to offer is the Belgian Draft. Medieval writers reffered to the large black horses known as Flemish horses as the "great horses," and they were the horse that carired many a knight into battle. Through the ages they grew in fame, and in 1891 Stallions for use in the government stables of France, Germany, Russia and Italy and the old Austria-Hungry empire were exported by Belgium. By 1887 they had a noticeable presence in America, and the American Association was officially founded in February of that year in Wabash, Indiana. Importations to the country ended with the onset of WW I, though they were resumed again during the '20s & '30s, with the last importation being on January 15, 1940. To find some of the finest Belgian draft horses for sale in America continue to check out our classified ads.

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