Driving Ponies for Sale

Few peope think of "exotic" when they are looking for horses for sale, but if you search our classified ads you just might find a few exotic Driving Ponies. As well as such standards as the Welsh Cob and Shetland, other breeds of ponies that are used for driving include the Ariegeois Pony, which is found in the Pyrenees and which does not do well in the heat. The domesticaterd version was used to work in the mines and haul timber, however. The Bali Pony lives on the Indonesian island by the same name, and is believed to be a cross between the Mongolian and other eastern breeds brought to the island by the Dutch in the 1700s. The Chinese Guoxia is a true "pony" breed, and not just a small horse like so many other Chinese breeds. So, whether you want "standard" or "exotic", don't miss our classifed ads for Driving Ponies.

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