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halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada  
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Looking for Professional Barefoot trimming?
Want a tailored approach to your horse's hoof health? Barefoot is not just about leaving off the shoes! I have been trained to follow a model based on the wild horses in the US Great Basin. What better hooves to emulate than those of tough wild horses?
Well my horse isn't wild....... Yes, this is true, but your horse can still grow an excellent barefoot given good trimming and management. This is not an invasive "crazy barefoot" trim. It is a trim that offers individual solutions and helps to bring the hoof back into its natural balance. Struggling with quarter cracks, toe cracks, underrun heels? At a loss with what to do next with a founder horse? Barefoot can provide the solution your are looking for. A more natural, whole horse approach.
Have some questions? Would you like a consultation on your own horse?
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Servicing Mainland NS, willing to travel into NB

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