English (Dressage) and Western lessons
Shawboro, North Carolina  
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We have safe, reliable horses and ponies that allow you to enjoy your lesson experience and have fun!
Janessa Lockwood has ridden for 20 years in hunter/ jumper and dressage. She emphasizes the importance of dressage (balanced seat riding) to any discipline English or western and believes in starting youngsters (both human and equine) out right with a strong dressage foundation.
Audra Downs has over 15 years of experience in natural horsemanship, English and western riding and cow sorting! She understands the importance of the bond between horse & rider and strives to accomplish any equestrian goal.
Both Janessa or Audra will gladly teach you on our lesson horses & ponies, travel to you location (small travel fee), or trailer in to Southern Hope Farm. Call us today!
Contact: Janessa Lockwood 252-232-8228