Dressage for Every Horse
Sunol, California  
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Having a professional ride your horse is often an integral part of meeting your riding goals. Crystal has achieved success on non-traditional breeds working with their individual conformations and temperaments. Crystal uses a correct and classical approach when working with horses to achieve their greatest potential. All training is done with the horse's best interest in mind.
Crystal has over a decade of experience of bringing riders along from the beginning stages and also working with experienced riders who are just entering dressage. The goal is to create a "thinking" rider who can school and train their horse. Crystal's students always know why they are doing something and develop a deeper understanding of the way their horse moves. Her students do not just learn the movements, but also what their usefulness is for their horse. The rider is training the horse athletically, improving his body and muscle tone by coupling the gymnastic movements of dressage and their place in the training scale for the horse.
Also available for clinics in your area.