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The patent-pending EZ Mount system was originally developed to remedy common problems experienced when feeding horses in an open environment. It quickly became obvious that this revolutionary product was well-suited to simplify the feeding routines of nearly any kind of domesticated livestock. The EZ Mount livestock feeder can be utilized for both traditional as well as non-traditional livestock such as Llamas, Alpacas, Ostriches, Emus, Rheas, and others.
EZ Mount’s universal design not only allows for easy attachment to a variety of different objects, but with minor modification to the mounting plate, it provides versatility in its application. JC Innovations will continue to expand the utility of EZ Mount and explore its potential for such items as bird houses, bat houses, bird and squirrel feeders, or practically any application that requires mounting to a fixed object such as a pole or post.
use of the EZ Mount is only limited by your imagination. Contact us today with questions or to find out more about how the EZ Mount system could be used in your application.
Contact: Kim Korman 573-387-4873