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Palm Beach Gardens, Florida  
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*****Looking for a Summer ADVENTURE ?*****
Join in with our group from the USA To explore the vast countryside of ICELAND.
Meet riders from all of the world. Make wonderful friendships.
Temps around 60. Lush landscapes, Fabulous Foods, Amazing People.
Put all that together with the Famous smooth floating gaits of the Icelandic Horses.

Each Summer we gather our groups full of thrill and a few butterflies and run off to become Icelandic Cowboys.
We drive a herd of horses across the countryside from remote hut to hut.
We eat rich locally grown and caught foods such as Lobster, Salmon and Lamb.
We bask under the magical Midnight sun and sing the night away.

We are always caught off guard by the amazing views as we cross RIVERS.
We gasp as we ride along CANYONS, GLACIERS and gallop through BLACK SAND BEACHES.
You will be taken back in time in this old world lifestyle, hearing tales of Ghosts, Trolls and Elves.

As you can see I'm hooked on Icelandic Adventures. This was my ONCE in a LIFETIME trip yrs ago.
Well ..... I just keep going back.

This is NOT a Commercialized tour. It is a REAL Icelandic Family ( Father, Grandfather and Sons )
You are really working and getting your hands dirty. You will be LOVING every minute too.
This tour has been in the Palm Beach Post a couple of times. Also featured in the Atanta Horse Magazine.

For more info Call Lisa

Sam K. a 4 time tour goer wrote:
Can you imagine the unknown, can you vision endless vistas on a fast moving spook free gaited horse herding an addition eighty horses into an endless panorama. You are 100 miles from anywhere and in the epicenter of the land known for crystal clear waterfalls, glaciers framing your horizon and the sky will not darken to night for the next three months. That is Iceland the way few people will experience and it is your your trip, your adventure when you are riding Iceland with Siggi