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Dawsonville, Georgia  
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When you choose a trainer for your horse it's very important to find one who understands the concepts and principles in which the mind of a horse works. It's also very important to find a great "match" for your horse as well. That's the reason I want you to see me work along side your horse absolutely free for the first lesson.

During the FREE initial session, I will begin working with your horse to develop a foundation which will be necessary for the horse's training and development. We will learn a basic understanding of the individual horse's strengths and weaknesses as well as assess the temperament and ability of your horse going forward.

Also, since I am a certified farrier as well, I will also evaluate for any soundness or lameness issues. I will assess the movement, rhythm, and gait of the horse so I will know if this horse is moving in a natural way or provide an understanding and solution to any unnatural movement and/or behaviors.

I would love the opportunity to give you a NO OBLIGATION lesson for you and your horse and I look forward to earning your business for training and farrier work in the future!