The Horse Sensei- Daily Medical Care Service
China Grove, North Carolina  
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(704) 798-6641
When a horse needs medical care several times a day, it is not always possible for the owner to leave work or school to tend their horse. Or maybe the owner doesn't feel comfortable performing the care by him/herself. I have 20+ years horse experience and have tended a herd of 45-50 rescue horses with many medical issues for the past 9 years so I am very experienced with a large range of treatments and conditions. I can do pressure wraps, apply cryotherapy to tendons & hooves, prepare & apply poultices, soak & wrap hooves with abscesses, treat fungus, administer eye medication, I can also give oral medications and IM injections or run IV fluids if needed.

Service rates begin at $15 depending on treatment type, distance and horse's personality.


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