the Horse Sensei--Equine Science & Horse Care Classes
China Grove, North Carolina  
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Everyone horse owner wants to provide the best care. It can take years of experience to learn much of the information on your own that is taught in our classes. And unfortunately, experience can be the cruelest of teachers.

Get a leg up on improving your knowledge base! Classes in horse care for individuals or groups at my barn or your barn. Interactive lessons with meaningful hands on activities, educational materials, charts for your barn, optional mini-quizzes and certificate of completion.

Learn to read your horse through Horse Behavior and Communication and use a horse's natural behavior in basic handling. Classes in Grooming, Safety, Anatomy, Tack Fitting, Nutrition, Colic, Medical Conditions, Hoof Care & more.

Learn to spot early signs of colic, laminitis and ulcers. Identify choke, check your horse's vitals and communicate with your vet on the phone. Identify and treat rain rot, thrush, abscesses & more. Learn about nutrition, how to choose hay and portion your horse's feed.

Special low rates for 4H, FFA, Scouts or high school equine science groups! MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED

Contact the Horse Sensei in NC. You can also visit my website at and Facebook page.

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