Damistia Horse Haven Fun Show 12/28
Chesterfield, Virginia  
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Damistia Horse Haven Winter Schooling Show
Saturday, December 28, 2013

7AM-9AM Schooling
9:00 AM
1. Adult Western Pleasure W/J
2. Adult Western Pleasure GAYP
3. Adult Western Pleasure W/J/L
4. Adult Western Equitation On the Rail
5. Youth Western Pleasure W/J
6. Youth Western Pleasure GAYP
7. Youth Western Pleasure W/J/L
8. Youth Western Equitation On the Rail
9. Novice Western Pleasure W/J
10. Novice Western W/J Equitation On the Rail
11. Novice Western Pleasure W/J Pattern
12. Ranch Horse Pattern + Railwork W/J/L
13. Open Trail (W/J)
14. In Hand trail
15. Showmanship
16. Open Halter
Not to Start Before 12:00PM
17. Fun Class – Carrot Race
18. 45+ Open Discipline GAYP
19. Novice English Pleasure Horse/Pony W/T
20. Novice English Horse/Pony W/T Equitation On the Rail
21. Novice English Horse/Pony Over Fences (18” Crossrails)
22. Youth English Pleasure Horse/Pony W/T
23. Youth English Pleasure Horse/Pony GAYP
24. Youth English Pleasure Horse/Pony WTC
25. Adult English Pleasure W/T
26. Adult English Pleasure GAYP
27. Adult English Pleasure W/T/C
28. Youth and Adult Equitation on the Flat on the Rail
29. Hunter Over Fences 2’
30. Hunter Over Fences 2’ Equitation
31. Hunter Over Fences HUS
32. Hunter Over Fences 2’3”
33. Hunter Over Fences 2’3” Equitation
34. Hunter Over Fences HUS

Pre-Registrations to:
$8 per class

Schooling Show: Weather appropriate schooling attire permitted (jackets excused for warmer apparel) *All Exhibitors must wear riding appropriate footwear and apparel*
*ASTM/SEI Approved Helmets Required for ALL Mounted English Exhibitors and ALL mounted participants under age 18.
The judge’s decision is always final.
Current negative coggins required.
All riders ride at their own risk. Damistia farm officials, members, and volunteers are not responsible for any accident or loss which may occur to any exhibitor or spectator.
Awards six ribbons per class. Champion and reserve for each division.
Classes may be cancelled, combined or split if entries warrant.
No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the grounds. No profanity allowed on the grounds
Any rider or guest that displays bad sportsmanship to any official, judge, horse or an exhibitor will be asked to leave the grounds
Points are as follows: 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Divisions for Champion
Adult Western Pleasure: 1, 2, 3, 4
Youth Western Pleasure: 5, 6, 7, 8
Novice Western Pleasure: 9, 10, 11
Children’s English: 10, 19, 20
Youth English Pleasure: 21, 22, 23, 27
Adult English Pleasure: 24, 25, 26, 27
2’ Hunter over Fences: 28, 29, 30
2’3” Hunter over Fences: 31, 32, 33

Class Descriptions

Adult Western Pleasure –For riders ages 19 and over.
Youth Western Pleasure –For riders 18 and under.
Novice Western Pleasure –Designed for novice riders not ready to Lope. Will split to children’s/Adults if entries warrant. No cross entry into any class asking to Lope. May enter W/J or GAYP at the Jog in age division. Also may enter in Trail.
Ranch Horse –Will include a Ranch pattern followed by railwork at the judge’s discretion. Open to any age rider.
Trail – Open Trail is mounted and pattern will be posted Ringside. Open Trail will be W/J or W/T only. Open to any rider of any age or discipline. In hand trail to be shown in halter without saddle. Open to any exhibitor of any age or discipline.
Showmanship – Open to any competitor of any discipline. Judged on execution of pattern and turnout of horse/rider. (English to be shown in bridle; Western in halter.)
Open Halter – Open to any competitor of any discipline. Judged on Conformation and way of going. All shown in Halter and discipline appropriate attire.

Fun Class – Carrot Race – Unmounted race with horses! Exhibitors will run from the start line to the end of the arena. Horse must consume entire carrot and rider must consume entire mini carrot before racing back to the finish line.
45+ Open GAYP – Class designed specifically for our friends over age 45. This class is open to all disciplines and riders may choose their pleasure gait.
Novice English Pleasure –Designed for novice riders. Cross rails will be a 4 jump hack pattern. Entrants May NOT cross enter into any over fences class higher than 18” or any class that is designated W/T/C (May enter Pleasure classes W/T and GAYP at the trot.)
Youth English Pleasure –For riders 18 and under. Riders may cross enter into any O/F division of their choosing as well as Equitation on the Flat.
Adult English Pleasure –For riders 19 and over. Riders may cross enter into any O/F division of their choosing as well as Equitation on the Flat.
English Over Fences – 2’ Classes; 2’3” Classes; 2’6” Classes. Riders will ride one Hunter O/F Course, followed by an Equitation O/F in their height category, followed by the HUS flat class. Exhibitors may only enter one height division on each horse but may also cross enter into either Youth or Adult pleasure.

Concsssions provided by Boy Scouts
Vendors present
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