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Primarily Hooves offers a wide variety of resources for the aware horse owner including hoof care, nutrition, body work, and training. We are available for email consultations as well as clinics in your area.

Our mission is to help bring awareness to natural horse health and care in all aspects, disciplines, etc. We offer an inexpensive way to help those who do not have access to a natural hoof care professional or are just interested in becoming a better trimmer through our online personalized consultations. Contact me for more information on getting your hooves evaluated.

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Here at Primarily Hooves we want to offer horse owners and lovers a unique learning opportunity. We are an interactive community focused on educating owners who are interested in a more natural approach. On this page you can learn about the hoof, watch our own and our clients' cases as they progress, and stay up-to-date on the more natural side of the horse world. We also offer personal assessments of clients' hooves, detailed instruction through photos and emails on how to achieve the best functioning hoof and the best balance for those interested in trimming on their own without having to drive out for a consultation; all of this is available by email request. We are also available for clinics if interested. We can open your awareness to nutrition, bodywork, (for both horse and rider) biomechanics, training from the horse's point of view, and help you find the right expert if you require more information.

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