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Divine Performance Horses will give you and your horse 110%!  We offer horse training, lessons, tune-ups, colt starting, hauling, correct horsemanship, build confidence in problem horses, and much more!   DPH Clinics are a great way to get started, and meet our staff.

Stevie Ann Tucek~ DPH Trainer

Horses have been a way of life for me from the time I was born. I was raised on my family ranch, here in Brady, Texas, with my Granddad and Mom. They had me in a saddle before blue jeans were even considered as my everyday attire. From the beginning, horses were normal for me to be around on a daily basis. I grew up around breeding, halter, racing, ranching, roping, and reining.
When I really started to train was when my mom grew ill with cancer. I began training family horses for my mom, and she'd have me start colts, as she'd then finish the colts in return. I remember training my first client horse when I was 12 years old. Through having to grow up fast, deep down, I knew that horses were where my life needed to be. I became obsessed with training clinics, seminars, and horse anatomy books throughout elementary and middle school. I looked up to several trainers whom had equine experience ranging from dressage to barrel racing. Most of my techniques are similar to your big name trainers, some are God given, and some are methods I've learned from horses themselves.
I attended Tarleton State University but decided that my heart was set on my family ranch. At this time, I realized my purpose in life was to train horses, all while helping people understand horses at a deeper level as well. I've come to learn that my favorite part of training horses is probably starting colts. I love to watch each colt's progress, while seeing a bond build between us, during each training process. I try to teach every colt to be soft in the poll as well as learning to stop on que. While being a horse trainer, I have had clients send me horses to train on barrels for to 4-H reining which means having a 2 year old horse ready for a 12 year old child.
  Here at Divine Performance Horses, we have a solid system to make sure your horse receives the time, care, and attention it needs and deserves. The amount of time your horse stays in training depends on where the horse is now and where you want the horse to go. To learn what your horse may need, consult with one of our DPH trainers and we will help you decide on what route may be best for you and your horse. As DPH trainers, we make sure that each horse has a solid foundation with round pen work, arena work, de-spooking obstacles, and much more! We have 2,000 plus acres that we can use to take the horses we train out on, in order to expose each horse to different types of terrain. Every time we are around the horses, on the ground or on their backs, we make sure to be training them in every manner possible. While your horse is in training through DPH, we build their confidence under the saddle and promote good work ethics in them. DPH accepts all types of horses, including problem horses, in order to help build their confidence and lead them to their highest possible potential. We would love for you to visit your horse any time here on the ranch, and any questions are always welcomed. Feel free to call or email us!

Training Fee- $685/month, which includes feed twice a day, care, training, and picture/video updates once a week. Horses are worked Monday-Friday and rested on Saturday and Sunday.

Divine Performance Horses offers riding lessons Monday-Saturday. We have helped all levels of people, from beginner to advanced, youngsters to senior citizens. Lessons normally last for an hour and we do offer group lessons as well. Need help with your horse? Bring them out! Allow us to share the same methods we use on our own horses in order to help get you and your own horse back on track. Don't have a horse? We can accommodate you with a lesson horse for your own type of riding level and can help you anywhere from training to competing!

Lessons: $35/lesson/person
Groups of 3 or more: $25/lesson/person

Please feel free to contact us! We are here to help and serve you and your horse!

Clinics are spread throughout the year. We will go over many important details you and your family would need to know. If you're new to owning a horse we have guest speakers that sometimes range from vets, ferriers, nutritionists, and much more. Horses are welcome and clinics expect 1 horse/ rider. If you are in need of a horse let DPH know and we will try our best to accommodate you accordingly. We also have different clinics pertaining to different needs and equine information.

2 1/2 Day Clinic: This clinic will be on November 22, 23, and half day on the 24th. We will be informing about Barrels! If you are new to Barrels (or want some refreshing) bring your horse (young or old) along with the riders *parents/guardians: please use discretion as to what age is appropriate for your child to attend our clinics*. What we will do is go over barrels 1 on 1, show you how to set up for each barrel, how to work as a team with the horse and rider, and other important details that people sometimes look past (like exercises to help build your horses muscles, leg care, equipment care, and more!).  $250/person/1horse

Spring Clinic-
3 Day Clinic: If you have new babies or colts, you wont want to miss out on this informative clinic! Bring out your youngsters (horses) and learn how to get started with these growing companions. DPH will be sharing what all is involved in getting a solid foundation on your horse, along with giving out a few tips (and homework!) to take back home with you. We will be covering a lot of different aspects of how to start your babies at this clinic, so bring your horses out and we will also accommodate you with stalls.  $300/person/1horse

Summer Clinic-
4 Day Clinic- The basics of owning or caring for a horse is Horsemanship! This clinic will cover everything from proper riding techniques, how to feel for leads, how to ask things from your horse, and how to encourage your horse! DPH will be covering trails, obstacles, why horsemanship is so important and much more. This clinic is probably one of our most important clinics and is good for your high strung horses, leery horses, problem horses, or any other type of horse! We hope you don't miss out on such an educational opportunity!
$350/person/1 horse

*We support our veterans, and discounts are available!*