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Mt Elgin , Ontario, Canada  
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Working Student Position Available - Full Time starting September 2013 with Jennifer Irwin at Sprucehaven Farm in Ingersoll ON.

Jennifer's emphasis is on the Olympic sport of Eventing. She has hosted a successful working student programme for over 15 years. Numerous students have moved up the levels through her programme. She provides an in-depth learning experience, not only improving riding skills but also learning how to really manage competition horses; their fitness, nutritional management and overall health and soundness for peak performance. For those interested, there are also learning opportunities to improve your coaching skills, as well as the starting and development of young horses. Students are provided 3 to 5 lessons a week and coaching at competitions. There may be the opportunity to ride other horses as well as their own. In exchange for the learning opportunities working student's are responsible for the daily chores involved with any competition barn: feeding, cleaning stalls, turnout, grooming, cleaning tack, general barn maintenance and also the opportunity to groom at competitions.
Her comprehensive program prepares the student to be well rounded in all areas of horsemanship and helps them develop life skills that will prepare them for future endeavours.

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Contact: Linda Plank 519-425-0001