KB Horse Training
Stanwood, Washington  
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KB Horse Training believes building confidence, trust, and respect is the key to training horses. Building confidence and trust for both the horse and rider provides the skills to get through most fearsome situations. Without respect your idea of control is gone. KB Horse Training focuses from the ground up. If a horse cannot achieve what you are asking on the ground without having to balance with a rider, it is very difficult for the horse to achieve it while under saddle. KB Horse Training believe that training should be catered to the horse and rider.
KB Horse Training specializes troubled horses, green broke horses, colt starting, and general riding. The client's need is top priority.Kaelynn has experience with Quarter horses, Paints, Arabs, Draft breeds, Gaited horses,Appaloosa and Mustangs.

Lessons $25 ($10 haul fee if necessary)- lesson last around a hour but is not limited to. Lessons are unique to what the rider and horse needs.

Full Time training $230 (plus board)- worked 4 to 5 days a week.

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