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Flagstaff, Arizona  
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Originally based in the elevated landscaping of northern Arizona, Enlightened Equus LLC is an upcoming professional equine service provider designed specifically to educate and improve horse owners of all disciplines. Our very existence is fueled by the desire to aid our equine species, and their owners, in every way possible. Though everyone in the equine world will always be discovering something new to learn each and every day, our extensive knowledge regarding equines is highly regarded by those who know us. We allow our clients to choose which services they would like us to provide them with (within reason), whether it be managing a facility while the owner is absent, and giving them total peace of mind; or evaluating your horse's particular living situations, diet, and treating it with naturally therapeutic trimming to improve all aspects of the hoof. We, both the owner and the manager, have had twenty years of experience with our own sport horse facility, which counted up to twenty head at one point. We always have, and always will, put the safety of the horse, its owner, and us before anything else. We do not work in unstable, unsafe, hazardous, and dangerous environments because the risk of the horse's safety, and our safety, will be much too great. It is never worth the risk when it comes to our beloved equine companions. Every single component of each horse's life comes into play when you are focusing on one particular subject or part of anatomy, and that is why we are so dedicated to educating horse owners for the good of them and their partners.

Our services include, but are not limited to~

Equine Safety Evaluation
Pet and Home Sitting/Care
Naturally Therapeutic Farrier Services
Facility Management
Equine Exercise
Diet Management
Tack Cleaning
Stall Cleaning
Tack Fitting

All horses, facilities, circumstances, and clients are different, so please contact us for a phone evaluation so we can manage a price that best suits your situation and needs. We are based in Arizona, but we are willing to travel if our services are on high demand.