Want to sell your horse?
Rancho Cucamonga, California  
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(909) 200-5999
Don't have time to sell your horse or don't know where to start? Let us sell your horse for you! We handle everything! Including your horse's photo shoot with our photographer, advertisements - including both online and flyers, handling phone-calls and emails, showing your horse, negotiating, and even training while your horse is with us!

Have a problem horse that makes him/her difficult to sell? Let us work with them. Have an unbroken horse you want started so you can make more? We'll start them! Have a horse that has been sitting for awhile? We'll tune them up.

Your horse will be treated like a horse in training and be worked with five days a week so they can be on their best A game when an interested buyer comes to look at your horse.

We make sure to sell to good homes only! If it isn't a home we wouldn't want one of our personal horses going to, we won't sell to them.

We will also sell the horse with any kind of contract you want drawn up.

Can't drop your horse off? No problem! We will pick them up for a slight fee.

Pricing -
Board is $175/month feed included.

Also 12% of the final sale price.

You can price your horse or you can let us evaluate them and tell you what we think you could get for them.

For the websites that charge to put up a picture, you will be responsible for those charges if you wish to place a picture. If not, your horse will still be advertised on those sites, just not with a photo.