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Rancho Cucamonga, California  
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(909) 200-5999
Private Lessons:
We offer lessons for everyone who wants to learn to ride. Whether you're a beginner who barely knows anything or someone who's ridden for years and just wants to get back in the saddle - we have lessons for you! You are going to learn about basic horse care and how to handle the horse from the ground, not just in the saddle.The first lesson each student will catch their horse and lead them out of the stall. From there we will go over grooming. They will learn what the grooming supplies are called and how to properly groom the horse. From there each student will learn how to tack up their horse. Depending on how quickly the student catches on, you may only have to do this process a few times. Once we think you have got the hang of grooming and tacking up you will no longer be required to do it anymore. For those students, when you arrive the horse wil already be tacked up and ready to go and the student will have the whole hour for ride time.

Minimum age requirement is 8 years old. We take anyone older. Even adults!
Required attire is a helmet for anyone under 18 years old. Jeans and close toed shoes are a must! If you're planning on taking lessons for a long time, boots will be required before you can advance.

All riders are required to sign a waiver before riding. If under 18 parent or guardian must sign for you.

What we teach -

Basic Western Riding
Trail Riding
Barrel Racing
Pole Pending

Pricing -
1 month package; includes 4 one hour lessons for $85