A Leg Up - Horse ReCondition and ReHome Services
Chatsworth, California  
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Need your horse re-conditioned but just don't have the time or experience?
Looking to sell or re-home your horse?
A Leg Up Horse ReConditioning and ReHome Service is here to help!

I'm not some big time lots of horses sales person, I'm an individual that works with only 1 or 2 horses at a time and design a program around each specific horse.

I keep horses at a local boarding facility that has miles of trails, lit arena, and great ranch ambiance.

For You: Pay a flat monthly boarding fee and we do all the work! Weather you want your horse reconditioned for your own pleasure or for sale - we do it all!

ReHome Service Prices start from $400/mo plus commission

ReConditioning Only starts from $500/mo for 4 days per week exercise