Exercise Rider in Central Florida
Orlando, Florida  
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Hello! My name is Jane. I am 19 years old and just moved down to Orlando from Virginia. I have been riding for 12 years and was showing in hunters for the majority of those years, but am taking a break. I am currently offering exercise rider/grooming services and am willing to travel up to 45 minutes outside of Orlando. I am willing to work with nearly any horse, green to experienced/well trained. I am very patient, so I am 100% comfortable with riding more difficult horses and will try to help solve any issues, although I am not a trainer. I would prefer to work with hunter, jumper, and equitation horses, but am definitely willing to expand to other things in the English category. I am happy to help with both hacking and schooling over fences. (up to 3'6")
I will take wonderful care of your horse before, during, and after the ride and will be happy to help with any special accommodations needed.
If you are interested, please call me or shoot me an email.
I'd love to help! (: