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Northfield, Ohio  
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My name is Veronica, I own VR Photography. I specialize in Horse Portraits, Horse showing, and Horses at liberty! I believe that capturing a stunning image can help with selling your horse, showing off the qualities of a stud or mare, or even the prowess of a colt or filly!

Ive owned horses for over 15 years, and recently have gone through the selling process and images are key! I am offering specials for any horse owners selling that are in need of some stunning images!

I go anywhere in a 80 mile radius of Northfield OH, and anywhere in Ohio!

My current promotion that I have right now is:

Im offering a special for those that are in need of amazing photos either at liberty where the horse is free to move and/or undersaddle! This special is $70.00, you will receive a full CD of all of the TOP images that you can use on any website, flier, social media or anything else you would need the images for! The $70.00 includes the sitting fee, the editing/processing, and the ability to pick out your favorite images, as well as the shipping and handling of the CD! Thank you very much, if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment