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*** Located near Walnut Hill and Greenville, in the heart of the city of Dallas! ***

Has your quirky project horse been leaving you with more questions than answers lately? Have you lost that magic feeling over fences? Mane on Fire Farm offers training in jumpers, equitation, hunters, and even schooling as preparation for the hunt field. In the fall and winter, we also have fox hunting Saturdays - where many of our riders join the Cloudline Fox Hunt!

Horse Training
Mane on Fire Farm specializes in unbroken, green, quirky, or difficult horses. We offer horse training for all levels of horses - from starting and breaking the barely-handled youngster to showing and preparing the big jumper. Training packages are offered at Rocking M Stables in the heart of Dallas, TX or at your establishment of choice with a small farm call fee.

Horse Starting and Breaking
Mane on Fire Farm will also start your young horse correctly and kindly - no cowboying or re-dos here! We advocate an english style of starting horses, beginning with at least 30 days of lounge and long reining work before advancing to a rider in the saddle. Our process maximizes your horse's responsiveness and ensures his muscles are properly developed before supporting a rider on his back. In the next 60 days, we incorporate trail rides in the local park and begin incorporating basic ground pole exercises. Keep your youngster on and we will start him over fences with gymnastics tailored towards his weaknesses and exercises targeted to increasing his ride ability, with collection, extension, and lateral mobility.

Rider Training
We also offer both jumping and flat lessons off the farm, with the recommendation of one to two flat lessons per week for anyone in jumping lessons. Whether you're just starting over your first crossrail or prepping for the grand prixs, the key to a smooth, beautiful and effective round over fences is in the flatwork! Assessment rides are among our favorite tools for tailoring riding lessons to you, as understanding your horse will help us more fully understand your ride on him.

Horse Shopping
Mane on Fire Farm can also help find you the horse of your dreams. With 15 years of experience in the Texas horse world, we have the connections it takes to find your next mount!

Horse Shows
Ready to show off your skills and your horse? We'd love to take you to your next horse show, or show your horse at the next show. The "A" shows are our specialty, but we are amenable to local shows for those that are not quite ready to move up. We keep our prices very reasonable to maximize your chances to show!

Head Trainer: Morgan P. Kennedy
A natural in the tack, she is uniquely prepared to teach the feel of a correct ride to the rider. In the present day, Morgan is known for a particularly sensitive touch with the horse, from the pinpointing of soundness and unevenness issues to problem solving mental roadblocks. She specializes in starting (breaking) and training green, quirky, and difficult horses, but has experience training up through the big jumpers, big hunters, and big eq at the "A" shows. It goes hand-in-hand that she encourages effective and proactive rides in her students, so that riders become riders and not passengers on well trained horses. This delicate balance between effectiveness and sensitivity is her secret behind a truly masterful ride.

12 years of breaking and training horses, including 1 year working at a breeding farm in North Carolina.
Training of riders since 2006
12 years of A show experience, from the big hunters to the big jumpers, including time working for grand prix trainer Britt McCormick
3 seasons of training fox hunters for the field, in addition to conditioning them in the field.
Barn management for multiple facilities, lending extensive knowledge in keeping the horse healthy, sound, and sane.