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Frederick, Maryland  
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I have several years experience working, training, and riding horses. I have been trained by a Pony Club Graduate and also by Top dressage rider Shannon Pedlar. I have a continuous training experience of 8 months training horses on my own for under saddle with success. I have 2 video examples of me riding 2 horses that I trained. One was trained some before I finished his training, and the other horse was fully untrained when I trained him.

Ziggy: He was a skittish 4 year old Gelding. It only took me 1 month to take him from skittish, spooky, green horse to a Well Mannered Pony who could be ridden bareback and with a bitless bridle. In this video he was being ridden by me, first time being ridden in the outdoor ring and if you notice, he has the bitless Nylon Bridle on and acting like a Prince :)

Sebastian: He is picky boy who always hated anyone to squeeze or kick him in the rib area. He could only be ridden and asked to canter my squeezing him in the girth area. He has been ridden both English and Western Saddle. He had problems with picking up his back hind leg when cleaning feet, had a lady not purchase him because of that. But with a little work he got over it. In this video he has had a good amount of training, but still had a problem with the cantering part. He has a VERY lovely canter, but he sometimes has attitude about getting into a canter. You can notice he has a good trot, and when I tried to ask for a canter, he got into a fast trot and started to throw his head. After the video was stopped, I worked with him for about 30 mins on getting a nice canter and not having attitude with it and he got a perfect canter :)