Rockin K Riding HorseTraining
Shepherd, Texas  
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Rockin K has 15 years of experience training horses. Using Natural Horsemanship Training; Clinton Anderson and Craig Cameron methods. Competed in the 2009 mustang makeover placing 23 out of 100 trainers. Trained many great trail horse and lot of great barrel horse. Worked for a vet for three years, and under a farrier for two years. Located in Shepherd TX 77371 off Hwy 59 north.

Rockin K does:
-Starting Colts
-Finishing horses
-Tune ups and exercising
-Retraining problem horses
-Barrel Horses training
-Trail Horse training

Only taking in a few horses a month.
Training Price: $400 a month you supply feed. We supply the hay.
May do some trading let me know what you have ext: saddles, tack, round pen, trailers.