Equine Massage Therapy (north Texas)
Mineral Wells, Texas  
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Equine Massage Therapy Service
Serving Palo Pinto, Parker, and surrounding counties (travel fees apply outside Palo Pinto and Parker Counties)
$65/session, multiple horse discount $60/session
Certified CESMT

Some of the common physical conditions which can be improved by massage therapy:

A soar back
Difficulty flexing
Improper head carriage
Movement abnormalities
Short choppy stride
Shoulder and hip lameness
Stiffness and resistance
Coordination difficulties
“Cinchy” horses

Massage for the equine athlete:

Regular massage therapy can assist in prevention of muscle injury. Muscle balance and proper function will reduce the risk of muscle related injuries.

Regular massage therapy can assist in competition preparation and help keep the horse in top performance condition.

Massage therapy for the senior horse:

Massage therapy increases circulation and stimulates the production of synovial fluids and has a positive impact on arthritis.

Massage therapy for sports injuries:

Massage therapy increases circulation, stimulate the production of endorphins, facilitates muscle damage repair, and releases muscle tension; all of which are proven to aid in recovery and decrease recovery time.

Additionally, massage therapy is proven to have a positive impact on a horse’s disposition.

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Equine massage therapy is not considered an alternative to veterinary medicine. I will be happy to work in conjunction with your veterinarian to ensure the horse’s problems are being properly addressed.

Thank you!
Kristin Dicus CESMT
Equine Essentials
Contact: Kristin Dicus 940-859-4242