Horseback riding lessons for beginners on up. on horses or ponys for kids.
Las Vegas, Nevada  
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Riding Horses and ponys is a great experience for kids. Teaches disipline, responsibliy, and how to love an animal. Learing how to ride when your younger give kids an opportunity to creat a bond with their lesson horse/pony and give them great balance. It teaches hand cordination and focus.

we like to teach kids how to ride horses/ponys because it is fun, educational and a great skill to help them with the rest of their lives.

whether your child wants to ride for enjoyment to competition, we would love to help them become successful and have fun at the same time.

from how to care for the pony, to grooming and tacking up, how to warm up, balance, posture and fun activities for them to do in the saddle. it is great exercise, and many schools give credits as a PE class.

give us a call today @ & ask for Tami to schedule your childs, or mom or dad's riding lesson. Because we care, and are knowledgable!!