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Ft Stockton , Texas  
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We specialize in QUALITY Equine transport, NOT quantity hauling. We do NOT sub-contract our loads out to other people. We transport in a New Adams & a New Exiss Executive Series Slant Load ( STOCK TRAILERS Furnished upon request) with all available luxury options for the comfort of your horse, including interior/exterior lights, padded bumpers to protect the horse while loading/unloading, fully padded interior & padded side protectors. Trailer is cleaned & santized after every trip, bedding is kept fresh & clean. We strive to be prompt, stay on schedule & stay in contact with you all along the way while your horse is in transit with us. The superb care of your horse is top priority while it is in transit, and his/her comfort comes first. We are experienced, knowledgeable horsemen - NOT just truck drivers! All the horses in transit with us are treated like our very own show horses. We stop on a regular schedule to allow the horses to rest, make sure they have an opportunity to drink clean fresh water, and we keep high quality hay (their own hay if provided) in front of them at all times. We provide blankets & shipping boots if needed or requested. Any specific requests or requirements from the owner while their horse is in transit with us are welcome, and adhered to. Please let us know if we can be of any service to you on this shipping quote request, or if we can be of any help to you in the future. Horses that are transported from coast to coast are laid over in Colorado. CK Ranching & Equine Transporters Please Call Chris @ in Texas. We are based out of Southwest Texas and can transport anywhere in Texas within a day and the Midwest and California within 24-72 hours.