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Palm City, Florida  
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Melissa A. Landwersiek
Equestrian Career Planner
Horse Trainer Riding Instructor Show Coach

"At six years old Melissa began riding with her trainers on Long Island and has been on horseback ever since. She started competing in the Jumpers and Dressage ring early into her childhood. At a very young age she knew her love for the sport and animal would lead her to a career in the equine industry! At age 13 she received her first paying training job and has held onto that passion throughout her life.

Since relocating to South Florida in 2002, Melissa has been working in the equine industry as a barn and program manager as well as a horse training & riding instructor.
She specializes in Hunters (flat and over fences), Equitation, Jumpers, Basic Dressage, and Natural Horsemanship such as seat manipulation and versatility to obtain balance & fluidity.

Whether on the ground or in the saddle, Melissa excels in providing horse owners with the skills they need to get the most enjoyment from their equine friend. With her lesson program she has been successful in providing her students with professional instruction and has brought them to become accomplished, confident equestrians. She is an expert who focuses on the individual needs of equestrians, owners and non-horse owners of all ages. If you’re looking for a trainer with a kind and caring mentality, she is the one for you.

I strive for the best, and train to meet higher standards. If you enjoy being yelled at or spoken to in a condescending manor, I would suggest looking elsewhere because I sincerely believe being FIRM is different the being MEAN! While training with my horses and myself you will learn and feel what is correct. I take a lot of pride in owning outstanding lesson horses that are calm, gentle, quiet, thoroughly formally trained and very experienced with riders of all ages, from beginners to advanced!

Along with preparing for the show ring, I also work problem cases with any breed and discipline. A lot of my background in which I associate in all my training is the understanding of the cognitive function of the “flight” animal we know as the horse. I teach my students & clients how they think, how they understand, and how the have been designed to act on instinctual design. I feel the smaller the communication barrier between our horses and ourselves, the safer life we will live with our horses.

My profession ranges from working with young horses at tasks as simple as halter breaking and teaching ground manners, which ensures maximum safety for horse and owner, through diligently training horses to be top competitors in the show ring. I will never turn down a student who is looking to better their individual equestrianism or horse owner whose goal is to acquire a better-trained horse. Safety for horse and rider is my top priority; establishing knowledge and understanding the cognitive function of the animal is the number one objective. From there forward, the concentration is aimed for the physical conditioning of the horse to assure comfort and to ensure capability for utmost performance.

From ponies to draft horses to warmbloods and sport horses, with passion driven determination no task is insurmountable! As a horse lover I have learned and experienced that with a diligent mindset, dreams do come true! Although I specialize in English training, the over all goal of every horse and student I work with is the same. Working with me will assure you gain trust and understanding while educating horse and rider of their job. My ULTIMATE GOAL is to assist in acquiring the knowledge and physical conditioning to be able to achieve peak performance.

"I am a horse fanatic! I love horse fanatics! I MAKE horse fanatics"!
I travel to other facilities to teach and train but welcome you to come work with my horses and I as well.

Specializing in:
*Hunt Seat Equitation
*Western Pleasure
Along with teaching lessons, I also organize clinics and Show Preparation