Twin Creek Visions Rescue & Youth Ranch
Clayton, Wisconsin  
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Here at Twin Creek Visions we rehabilitate not just horses, but donkeys, mules, ponies, goats, llamas, alpacas, mini pot belly pigs, and sheep. We take in animals, evaluate them, work with Chetek Veterinary to get them healthy, establish trust, train , and rehabilitate the animals while teaching our youth how to care for them in a safe nurturing environment. We are educating our youth to help prevent abuse, neglect, starvation, and maltreatment in the future. The animals are rehomed when they have been trained and are healthy. As of now we are still operating off of private funding, but have applied for grants.
Our youth programs are helping kids and the animals heal each other.
All animals are adopted out with full adoption contracts that require references, photos, vet reference, and farrier reference. Once adopted the animals cannot be sold, auctioned, or transfer owners unless approved thru us and another adoption contract is filled out by the new adopter. Our rescue does follow ups and 6 month check ups on all animals adopted. Every prospective adopter is screened and asked about the knowledge of the animals. We also have goats,llamas, alpacas, mini potbelly pigs, potbelly pigs, and dogs up for adoption. These animals have come from many different circumstances. Some have been abused, starved, neglected, and beaten harshly, others have owners that placed them with us so that we could help find them loving homes as they could not care for their loved pets anymore.
It is our Mission and goal to help find the animals loving, forever homes that are knowledgeable, caring, and able to understand whatever circumstances their particular animal went thru. While here the animals are worked with by us, but more importantly loved and worked with by our youth so that thru helping these animals, and teaching the youth we can help stop the ignorance which causes abuse, neglect, and starvation.
We are always in need of supplies, hay, feed, supplements, fencing materials, protective equipment for the youth and educational materials.
This facility is run by volunteers and has been built and is maintained by those who help because they love the animals.