* Utah to Michigan and back- August 2013!!! *
Boulder, Utah  
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LEAVING SOON!!! Aug. 6-12 I have room for one more horse each way. Also, if you called before, I am sorry. We have been having some difficulty with the home phone. It is back to normal now and leave a message if you need to. * I am personally leaving my home in Boulder, Utah and picking up my new horse in Onaway, Michigan. I will be returning to Boulder upon pickup. Therefore, I am looking to transport two horses on the way up and will have room for one horse on the way back. $750 -$1000 each horse, one-way. Best deal anywhere!!! I stop every 4 hours (check every 2 hours), will feed and water all horses, walk each horse at each stop, board horses, as needed, and will take care of your horse as if it were my own. If heat is an issue in August, I will travel at night. I also clean out the trailer at every stop. Family may also travel with me. Lifetime horse owner. Horses will be transported in a fully enclosed two horse slant trailer (w/ tack room) pulled by a Dodge Cummins Diesel Megacab. I also have room for tack (free) or can take additional freight for a minimal cost. Heck, I will even give somebody a ride for $300. If there is a need to transport additional horses at this price, I will use a larger trailer to accommodate and will cut a deal for each owner with 3+ horses. I can leave anytime in August 2013 but prefer the first part of the month. I might be able to stretch it out to the first week or two of September. Let's talk!*

I will need recent Coggins tests, vet certificates, and other paperwork to legally transport. While in my custody, your horses are my horses and they will be treated like family. I am not looking to make money on this trip. Rather, I am looking to take a full-trailer up and return with a full trailer to pay for the trip. I will supply halters, lead ropes, haybags, water buckets, alfalfa bales/pellets, and water, if needed. I, of course, will use your tack and feed if you prefer. You will not find a better deal to trailer a horse 1800+ miles! I am an honest, straight-forward, family man/school teacher who has an amazing passion for horses. I just purchased a special gelding and want to get it home safe and sound. I will do the same for your horses as well! Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you soon! Please email me before you call so that I am expecting you. Also, I just placed a new ad with a description of the states that I will be traveling through. If you need your horse delivered, email and call soon! Once the slots are taken, they are gone! Thanks!