Breyer Ridge Equine Retirement Farm
Duck River, Tennessee  
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Are you looking for a place to retire your beloved equine? Breyer Ridge Farm takes in horses from all over. All breeds. All ages. All conditions. The retirement situation is just like boarding your horse somewhere where they can live out the rest of their years
comfortably. We're located in Duck River, Tn. We're currently taking in horses from all over. We offer all day turnout, walk-in turnout, stalled at night, blanketed in the winter, 3 meals a day, daily grooming, exercised on a daily basis with owners permission. Your horse(s) will get lots of tlc by myself and my two knowlegible teenage daughters. We have plenty of experience with equine management, we have shown our horses for years and now enjoy trail riding. Our farrier lives across the street. Vet near by. Board is $450. Special needs horses that require higher maintence board will be adjusted according to the horse's condition. Board covers grain, hay, stall,
bedding, farrier, seasonal shots and scheduled worming.For owners that cannot come out and visit their equine(s) pictures and videos will be sent by email or mail upon owners request. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you.