Equine Massage and Bodywork
Waterford, New York  
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Equine massage takes a scientific approach to healing. It's proven sore or damaged muscles positively respond to touch. Watch anyone describing an injury and almost always, they place a hand on the affected area.
People forget to utilize this therapy in different situations for their equine athletes. Many horse owners underestimate the power of a 'pre-event and post-event massage.' Like most athletes, the warm-up is critical. Horses are warmed up by their riders before the event, but a pre-event massage loosens, warms, and readies the muscle for activity.
The post-event massage relieves muscle pain and stiffness by returning the muscles to a normal state much faster than if they'd been allowed to go without a massage. After vigorous exercise, dehydration takes place, and with loss of fluids it's harder for them to cool down.
Massage will restore damaged muscles but more importantly, it will help prevent damage before it happens.
Horses recently injured greatly benefit from treatments. Massage improves circulation and reduces inflammation, as a result, promotes more rapid healing of the affected area. This applies to animals suffering from joint and muscle conditions as well, such as arthritis. Adding massage to your horses regular routine can extend the amount of time you have to actively ride and show before retirement.As a licensed massage therapist, I offer a wide variety of therapies that can help your horse relieve pain, recover quicker, and perform better. Used in conjunction with regular veterinarian care, Equine massage helps to keep the entire body in better physical condition. Release your horses true potential and call to set up a FREE consultation today!