Marketing & Purchasing Sales Consultations
Altoona, Florida  
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I also offer marketing sales consultations. I come out, evaluate your horse. If your horse is under saddle, I will test ride him, critique conformation to point out strengths and weaknesses, assess personality, and determine what type of rider/home and possibly even type of riding your horse is suited for. I also help you come up with a reasonable asking price. There is a $50 fee per horse, however if you have several horses for sale at the same farm, I can offer a discount and work with you. I also offer equine buying consultations. Purchasing the right horse is going to be the most important decision you make in your horse experience! You want to get it right the first time. Nothing can be more painful than purchasing a horse that is NOT a good fit for you, or cannot perform what you originally intended for him, and then having to part with him. I take out the guesswork. I sit down and talk to you about EXACTLY what you are looking for in a horse. I can give advice from ads you send me of equines you are interested in ($5 fee per ad), and then if we feel that it is a horse worth going out and seeing, I will accompany you (or meet you there, and help you with the test ride, temperament and conformation evaluation, and help you make an informed decision. To me this is an invaluable service, especially for those that are less experienced.