18.1 Thorogood Equine Massage
Nashville, Tennessee  
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Providing Equine Massage services within 50 miles of Nashville, TN.

A relaxed, pain free horse will be calmer, try harder, perform better, and build and retain the muscle needed for the work requested. Find out how massage can help you! From pasture pets to ranchers, trail and lesson ponies to grand prix, the untrained to the retired, there is a massage to help each of them. 18.1 Thorogood boasts over 600 hours of intense, therapy training and provides more than just Sports Massage.

Modalities include:
Sports Massage
Deep Tissue Therapy
Trigger Point Therapy
And many more!

Evaluations are free. Find out how massage can help your horse with conditioning, performance, recovery, rehabilitation, and injury treatment and prevention. Combine with your Equine Chiropractor's adjustments to make adjustments easier and last longer. Trying to muscle up your rising champion but the supplements just don't seem to be helping? Find out how massage can work as a super boost to the diet your horse is getting to help target vitamins and supplements to the areas that need them most!

Ask about the Horse & Rider package so you and your horse can both perform your best at your next competition. Can also help calm the nervous or fearful horse (riders too!)

If Sports Massage is a hammer, 18.1 Thorogood has a well equiped belt including screw drivers, drills, saws, and wrenches.