Gentle Tamer Horse Training
Las Cruces, New Mexico  
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Dressage means "the training of the horse" -- in a systematic way that is gentle and logical, proven over hundreds of years to get the best results. Developed by the cavalry, whose lives depended on the confidence, athleticism, and maneuverability of their horses, their method trains the horse's mind and body to reach his true potential. Starting with ground work, the method progresses at the horse's pace to gently teach him a logical system of communication by the body language of the handler. Classical conditioning using positive reinforcement results in a calm, submissive, confident athlete who is happy in his work, no matter what the job might be, whether it's English or Western, in any discipline.

Basic Dressage will improve on any horse's training, eliminate bad behaviors, teach him what is acceptable behavior, and create an attitude that looks forward to the work. There can be no escape from the work, but it can be presented to the horse in a way that he can accept with confidence, relaxation, and an engaged mind and body. This is basic Dressage -- more recently labeled "natural horsemanship" -- it's what makes sense to the horse!

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