Horse Workouts
Washougal, Washington  
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If you have horse/s whom need riding/ground work, let someone do it for you if you don't have the time. Rain or shine, indoors or out.... not afraid to get dirty.
Whether you have a nice arena or a backyard paddock, I will work with whatever you obtain.

I am studying Equine Sports Medicine to go to Meredith Manor Equine College. Tons of ambition and passion. I want to maintain my skills and knowledge before college as well as help people work out their horses or reintroduce them to it. Good horsemanship is key, and is a huge priority of mine when working with these animals.

Just trying to maintain experience and hopefully make a few dollars while doing it.

Ground Work:
free lunging/free jump
ground pole work
tarp task (obstacles)
in hand obedience
tie/haltering (younger horses)
feet pickup (younger horses)

Saddle Work: (western & english)
all gates
ground pole work
small jump
neck reining exercises
cone turns
riding patterns
relaxed with bareback
in saddle obedience
reintroducing trails, etc

$10 per hour (3 hours max)

If you're interested in letting me work with your horse/s, please contact me(:

Email: montgomery.saint82 @