Experienced Rider available for Horse Exercising or Horse Related Job in any discipline!
St Paul, Minnesota  
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I am looking for a position working with horses doing anything from barn help, training/ exercising horses, or even an additional riding instructor. I have owned horses my entire life and grew up on a farm, so there are numerous reasons why I am an excellent candidate for this position. Most importantly, I am a horse lover and have been horse crazy since I was a very little girl. I have been surrounded by horses since I can remember and have always been fascinated by all aspects of horses. I have owned, trained, and cared for the horses I compete on and have been very serious and dedicated to providing them with the absolute best health and nutrition. I have given lessons through 4-H and independently for over 5 years, and absolutely love coming from a trainer's perspective!
I have worked in stables, boarded horses at stables, and eventually built a facility at my house. I was in charge of pasture upkeep, manure pick-up (am and pm), and graining schedules, etc... I have continued to take lessons for over 10 years and attended many clinics and classes through my various organizations. I have experience breaking horses and training green broke horses. I have experience with dressage, english & western pleasure, halter, but admittedly the most passion for games and barrel racing. In my personal training technique, I have used my understanding of reining, dressage [specifically leg pressures/balance], and knowledge of both english & western, into my games and training philosophy. I have tried to continually learn more about the animals I love. Since I am in college, I finally had to sell my last horse a month ago, and mainly want the opportunity to be in a barn and opportunity to continue to learn about my
I can provide horses with simple first aid care if needed such as: sore muscles, abscesses, rain rot, colic, bot flies, etc... I know how to warm-up, exercise, cool down, and lunge all types of horses. I have always bought horses with potential and find my satisfaction in honing that potential into a fierce competitor in the ring. I have worked with horses who are head shy, trailer-shy, and cribbers. I have worked with horses on ground manners and other nasty habits like, bucking under the saddle. I can condition, bomb proof, and work on trailer loading issues. I enjoy the challenge of how to solve these habits with each individual horse, and so far, have had incredible success in stopping these habits.
I am very interested in any job in or around the barn, and think that I would be an excellent addition. Even just cleaning stalls I have a strong understanding of horses, which makes it a safer experience for the horse, you, and me. I have open availability and am so excited about the opportunity to be surrounded by the animals I love on a day to day basis. I am unable to afford to own horses while I am in college. This opportunity would be a way I could both, support myself and be doing what I am passionate about. I have reliable transportation and am willing to travel to do what I love, but I am located in St Paul or Stillwater. I sincerely hope you consider me and hope to hear from you in the near future. I am open to house/barn sitting for vacations, as well!