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South St Paul, Minnesota  
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Hello! I offer a wide variety of pet and home care. Anything you, your animals, or plants will need while your away on a much-needed summer vacation, need help with chores during a busy work week, or just need a break! I have extensive experience with horses and farm animals, and every indoor fuzzy creature you can think of! I also offer garden watering, lawn mowing/upkeep, and whatever other unique chores you need taken care of!
I work as a vet assistant so, I am knowladgeable with basic first-aid care, nutrition and, handling of farm and indoor animals. I have a broad understanding of emergency protocol of how to get care for your animals if an emergency were to come up. I have lived on a farm all my life and was in charge of the care of my horses, goats, dogs, cows, and cats- so needless to say I've got some first hand experience. When I was 12, I started in this line of work by deliving flyers all over my neighborhood. I was very successful through high school using this method and word of mouth to make a living house, farm, or babysitting. So, I've seen and eagerly helped take care of all ages and special medical or behavioral needs. Along with done every kind of crazy chores in all types of households.
I can provide daily home visits or live-in care-taking while you are on vacation, so you can actually have a stress-free vacation. As a dedicated animal lover, and especially as a horse-owner, I know that it is hard to actually have a relaxing vacation when you can't just run down and see your horses are content, safe, and out of mischief. Having someone staying at the barn or home allows you to call whenever to just "double-check" your horses are safe and sound. I can do up to bi-daily visits for dog walks or feeding your farm animals. I will make my best effort to keep them on their regular feeding schedule times, so they stay as comfortable and safe while you are absent. I have excellent references and am happy to provide them! So next time you need a worry free vacation, don't hesitate to contact me!