MotorQueue Natural Hoof Care - Performance Barefoot Trimming!
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Problems with laminitis, founder, thrush, cracks, white line disease, contracted heels, navicular syndrome, or sore feet? Does your horse lack traction, endurance, speed and confidence over a variety of surfaces? Tired of waiting for the farrier when your horse loses a shoe?
Shoes aren't always the answer - Going barefoot may be for you!

Is your horse already barefoot but experiencing chips, splits, flares and tenderness after a trim? Barefoot trimming focuses on building up the callouses on the bottom of your horse's feet instead of removing them as is common in a pasture trim, allowing him to move across terrain with confidence and ease! MotorQueue Natural Hoof Care does not subscribe to only one school of thought or theory when it comes to trimming - what works perfectly for one may not work well for another. Every horse is an individual and will be treated as such.

Looking for alternatives to metal shoes that still give protection and traction? MotorQueue Natural Hoof Care offers a variety of synthetic alternatives to traditional steel, including boots and casts. Coming soon: synthetic shoes!

MotorQueue Natural Hoof Care offers performance barefoot hoof trimming in the DFW area, focusing on improving your horse's natural movement and overall hoof health. Full evaluation and ongoing support system for owners, addressing dietary concerns, living and working environment, gait, and performance. Performance barefoot horses can do dressage, jumping, eventing, gait, trail ride, work cows, speed events - anything you can think of! Gentle horse handling, professional manner and on time reliability. References available and questions welcome.

Hooves are a mirror into a horse's entire state of health -- let us work together to bring out the best in YOUR athlete! E-mail for more information, or check out our website for more info!