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Paxton, Massachusetts  
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I am an experienced rider in the East Lansing, MI area looking for horses to ride for a small daily fee. I primarily ride English, but I have done a little in Western. It does not matter if your horse is young or old, green or trained. I have had experienced with all. I have ridden a variety of horses. I owned 2 horses in the past, one Quarter Horse and one OTTB.

I primarily compete in Eventing. I have competed up through Preliminary in Eventing, and also done a classic Training Level 3-Day Event. I have competed up through First Level in Dressage, but have schooled up to Third Level dressage movements.

Not only do I have experience in competing but, I have helped train horses for use in a Horse Summer camp, as well as, break a horse with my past trainer, and rode several of her professional and green horses.

Please contact me if you are interested.