Learn to Trim and Evaluate Your Own Horses
La Fayette, Georgia  
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8:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day
$250.00 per person with one or more of their own horses
Tools available, Booklet and DVD, lodging, breakfast and lunch
Coggins required, no stallions please, all breeds welcome. Over night pens no charge, please supply your own feed and hay. Age 18 and over. Clubs and groups welcome.
Learn how to evaluate your own horse with hands-on trimming to include flexing and thermal imaging of problem areas. Learn the anatomy of the lower limb and hoof. Go over problems like contracted heels, flares, hoof loss, tender soles, thrush, white line disease, trimming the frog and everything your farrier should know. Learn the difference in trimming for barefoot and trimming for shoeing.
Excellent opportunity for new horse owners to learn about the most important part of the horseā€¦the hooves. Learn safety techniques in handling the hooves while under the horse. Allows the professional rider to maintain their own horses during events or while on the road. An introduction to shoeing is offered . Classes held monthly - Call for dates
Casey & Son Horseshoeing School